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Adopting ICE Ethics, our global vision:
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Geotechnical Engineering Publications

Technical and Scientific Papers 

Geotechnical Engineering- Indicative Publications (Full List of Publications)

  • G1.Sachpazis C., (2014): Experimental Conceptualisation of the Flow Net system construction inside the body of homogeneous Earth Embankment Dams. EJGE, Vol. 19 - Bund. J. (pdf)


  • G2.Sachpazis C., (2013): Detailed Slope Stability Analysis and Assessment of the Original Carsington Earth Embankment Dam Failure in the UK. EJGE, Vol. 18. (pdf)

  • G3.Sachpazis C., (2011): Soil liquefaction potential assessment of a coastal foundation ground and its suitability for a CCGT Power Plant construction in Greece. EJGE, Vol. 16. (pdf)

  • G4.Sachpazis C., (1990): Correlating Schmidt hardness with compressive strength and Young’s modulus of carbonate rocks. Bulletin of the International Association of Engineering Geology. No. 42. Paris. (pdf)


  • G5.Sachpazis C., et al., (2005): A Hydrogeotechnical Integrated System for Water Resources Management of Attica – Greece. 6th International Conference of European Water Resources Association. 7-10 September, Menton, France. (pdf)


  • G6.Sachpazis C., (2004): Monitoring and Correlating Geotechnical Engineering Properties and Degree of Metamorphism in a four-stage alteration process passing from pure Limestone to pure Marble. EJGE, Vol. 6. (pdf)


  • G7.Alexouli-Livaditi A., Livaditis A., Sachpazis C., (1997): Geomorphological investigation of the drainage network and calculation of the peak storm runnofand yield sediment of Sarantapotamos and Katsimidi streams, Attica, Athens. Engineering Geology and Environment, Balkema, Rotterdam.  (pdf)


  • G8.Manoliadis O., Sachpazis C., (2003): The role of terrain characteristics in flood management, Attica, Greece. Journal of Environmental Hydrology, Vol. 11, paper 13, Octomber, 2003. (pdf)


  • G9.Manoliadis O., Sachpazis C., (2001): Geotechnical aspects of a Landfill site Selection Study in North Evoia - Greece. EJGE, Vol. 6. (pdf)


  • G10.Manoliadis O., Sachpazis C., (2000): Geomorphological investigation of thedrainage networks and calculation of the peak storm runoff of Skarmaga and Agia Triada streams. EJGE, Vol. 5. (pdf)